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Opened 23 October 2014 Memphis the Musical Musical
Opened 13 May 2014 The Pajama Game


Opened 23 October 2013 From Here to Eternity Musical
Opened 11 March 2013 Burn the Floor Dance
2011 - 2013 Opened 27th September Rock of Ages Musical
Opened 13th June 2011 Derren Brown's Svengali Variety
2010 - 2011 Opened 14th October Flashdance - The Musical Musical
Opened 26th July 2010 Burn the Floor Dance
2007 – 2010 Opened 30th October Hairspray Musical
Opened 4th May 2007 Fame Musical
2006 – 2007 Opened 21st September Daddy Cool Musical
2005 – 2006 Opened 10th October High Society Musical
Opened 14th April 2005 The Far Pavilions Musical
2004 – 2005 Opened 18th August Bat Boy Musical
2003 – 2004 Opened 11th October Thoroughly Modern Millie Musical
Opened 12th June 2003 Calamity Jane Musical
2002 – 2003 Opened 17th September 125th Street Musical
2001 – 2002 Opened 12th November Umoja – The Spirit of Togetherness Variety
Opened 2nd August 2001 Peggy Sue Got Married Musical
Opened 17th April 2001 Baddiel and Skinner Comedy
Opened 30th September 2000 Napoleon Musical
Opened 9th July 2000 Chubby Brown Comedy
Opened 27th March 2000 Lautrec Musical
1999 – 2000 Opened 4th December Casper Musical
1998 – 1999 Opened 21st April Rent Musical
Opened 23rd October 1997 The Royal Opera Season Opera
Opened 22nd April 1997 Sinderella Comedy
1996 – 1997 Opened 20th February Tommy Musical
1995 – 1996 Opened 19th December Return to the Forbidden Planet Musical
Opened 10th October 1995 Definite Article – Eddie Izzard Comedy
Opened 16th May 1995 Harvey Play
Opened 5th May 1995 Pavarotti International Voice Competition Opera/Concert
Opened 3rd May 1995 Neil Sedaka Concert
2nd April 1995 Laurence Olivier Awards  
16th March 1995 Global Mission - Billy Graham Evangelical Meeting  
Opened 18th January 1995 The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol Play
Opened 4th November 1994 Out of the Blue Musical
Opened 13th February 1994 Dear Ralph - a Valentine Gala Variety
28th November 1993 Angels of America Concert
1993 – 1994 Opened 10th September Carousel Musical
1992 – 1993 Opened 8th October Kiss of the Spiderwoman Musical
Opened 28th April 1992 A Slip of the Tongue Play
Opened 12th December 1991 The Phantom of the Opera Musical
Opened 28th August 1991 Our Town Musical
Opened 7th July 1992 Re:Joyce Play
Opened 26th May 1991 The Kaliber Improthon Play
Opened 20th March 1991 Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell Play
Opened 28th September 1990 Out of Order Play
Opened 5th April 1990 Song and Dance Musical
Opened 25th March 1990 Stars Celebrate the Musical/Tribute Charity Gala
Opened 12th March 1990 French and Saunders Comedy
Opened 14th April 1989 M Butterfly Play
Opened 13th March 1989 Eartha Kitt Concert
1987 – 1988 Opened 4th July Follies Musical
1986 Comic Relief Variety
Opened 5th December 1986 An Italian Straw Hat Play
Opened 25th April 1986 Rookery Nook Play
20th April 1986 Night of 100 Stars Variety/Gala
Opened 26th March 1986 The Entertainer Play
Opened 8th March 1986 Rowan Atkinson - Stand up Comic Comedy
1984 – 1985 Opened 15th October Two into One Play
Opened 3rd September 1984 See How They Run Play
Opened 9th July 1984 A Friend Indeed Play
Opened 10th May 1984 Pygmalion Play
Opened 8th February 1984 See How They Run Play
Opened 16th December 1983 Aladdin Pantomime
Opened 29th March 1983 Run for Your Wife Play
1980 – 1982 Opened 1st October They're Playing our Song Musical
Opened 28th November 1979 Irma la Douce Play
Opened 29th October 1979 Tin Pan Alley Musical
Opened 24th April 1979 Canterbury Tales Musical
Opened 13th September 1978 Dracula Play
Opened 14th July 1978 Godspell Musical
Opened 21st March 1978 Kismet Musical
Opened 30th November 1977 Drake’s Dream Play
Opened 12th October 1977 Maggie Musical
Opened 21st June 1977 Edith Piaf, Je Vous Aime Musical
Opened 11th May 1977 Rolls Hyphen Royce Play
Opened 8th June 1976 Liza of Lambeth Musical
1975 – 1976 Opened 2nd October Dads Army Play
1974 – 1975 Opened 19th December West Side Story Musical
1968 – 1973 Opened 27th September Hair Musical
1966 – 1967 Opened 17th October Big Bad Mouse Play
1965 – 1966 Opened 20th December Twang! Musical
1964 – 1965 Opened 22nd December Our Man Crichton Musical
1963 – 1964 Opened 28th March How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying Musical
Opened 20th August 1962 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Musical
Opened 7th May 1962 England our England - Revue Variety
Opened 1st February 1962 The Big Killing Play
Opened 26th December 1961 Salad Days Musical
Opened 1st November 1961 Polish State Theatre Season Plays
Opened 23rd February 1961 King Kong - African Musical Musical
Opened 19th December 1960 Gilbert & Sullivan Season Opera
Opened 5th November 1960 A Week of Italian Opera Opera
Opened 8th September 1960 Carl Rosa Opera Opera
Opened 20th June 1960 The Laughing Academy Play
Opened 4th May 1960 Over the Bridge Play
Opened 19th April 1960 Johnny the Priest Musical
Opened 7th March 1960 Ram Gopal and Markova Dance
Opened 15th February 1960 Girl on the Highway Play
Opened 22nd December 1959 Noddy in Toyland Play
Opened 26th November 1959 Kookaburra Musical
Opened 4th May 1959 Brief Season of Municipal Theatre Play
Opened 16th March 1959 Season of French Comedies Play
Opened 15th December 1958 D'Oyly Carte Christmas Season – Gilbert and Sullivan Operas Operetta
Opened 11th August 1958 A Hatful of Rain Play
Opened 10th May 1958 At Touch of the Sun Play
Opened 4th March 1958 School Musical
Opened 20th January 1958 Rumanian National Dance and Music Company - 'Giulesti' Dance
Opened 23rd December 1957 Noddy in Toyland Play
Opened 18th December 1957 Season of Danish Pantomime Theater Pantomime
Opened 27th November 1957 Royal Suite  
Opened 17th October 1957 Man of Distinction  
Opened 7th June 1957 Kismet Musical
Opened 7th March 1957 A Hatful of Rain Play
Opened March 1957 Ukranian State Cossack Company Dance
Opened 3rd December 1956 D'Oyly Carte Christmas Season – Gilbert and Sullivan Operas Operetta
Opened 31st October 1956 Luisillo and his Spanish Dance Theatre Dance
Opened 28th September 1956 Variety Theatre of China Variety
Opened 16th February 1956 Summer Song Musical
Opened 24th December 1955 The Famous Five Musical/Pantomime
Opened 23rd December 1955 Noddy in Toyland Play
1955 Don Giovanni Film Screening Film
Opened 23rd February 1955 Wonderful Town Musical
Opened 23rd December 1954 Toad of Toad Hall Pantomime
Opened 4th November 1954 Japanese Ballet of Miho Hanayagui Ballet
Opened 31st March 1954 Pal Joey Musical
Opened 9th February 1954 Alice through the Looking Glass Play
Opened 21st December 1953 Podrecca's Piccoli Theatre Variety
Opened 4th November 1953 Anthony and Cleopatra Play
Opened 19th October 1953 The Vienna Ballet Ballet
Opened 22nd September 1953 Walter Gore Ballet Company Ballet
Opened 20th September 1953 Old Carthusian All Star Concert Variety
Opened 22nd August 1953 Age of Consent Play
Opened 23rd May 1953 Happy as a King Musical
Opened 14th April 1953 Stalag Play
Opened 13th February 1953 The Shrike Play
Opened 20th December 1952 Where the Rainbow Ends Musical
Opened 17th November 1952 Maurice Chevalier - In concert Concert
Opened 21st December 1951 Cinderella Pantomime
Opened 4th December 1951 Uday Shankar and Amala Troupe Dance
Opened 31st October 1951 Dark Rhythms - Pear Primus and Her Company Dance
Opened 2nd June 1951 Man and Superman Play
Opened 14th March 1951 The Seventh Veil Melodrama
Opened 12th February 1951 The Swedish Ballet Season Ballet
Opened 23rd December 1950 Mother Goose Pantomime
Opened 31st October 1950 Party Manners Play
Opened 23rd May 1950 His Excellency Play
Opened 25th March 1950 Detective Story Play
Opened 22nd December 1949 Dick Whittington Pantomime
Opened 15th November 1949 Lady Audley’s Secret Play
Opened 10th October 1949 Buoyant Billions Play
Opened 26th September 1949 Variety Bill - Jane Russell Variety
Opened 17th May 1949 A Man about a Dog Play
Opened 25th April 1949 Ballets de Paris de Roland Petit Ballet
Opened 4th April 1949 The Amazing Ralph Slater- Hypnotist Variety
Opened 21st March 1949 Mariemma and Enrique Luzuriaga Dance
Opened 16th February 1949 Ballets de Paris de Roland Petit Ballet
Opened 23rd December 1948 Babes in the Wood Pantomime
Opened 30th September 1948 The Kid from Stratford Musical
Opened 31st August 1948 Les Ballet des Champs Elysees Ballet
Opened 15th June 1948 Carmen Amaya and Dancers Dance
Opened 10th April 1948 Helzapoppin Dance
Opened 25th February 1949 Burlesque Musical
Opened 24th December 1947 Babes in the Wood Pantomime
Opened 24th November 1947 Ram Gopal and his Indian Dancers and Musicians Dance
Opened 8th October 1947 The Dubarry Musical
Opened 15th July 1947 The Nightingale Musical
Opened 17th March 1947 Peace Comes to Peckham Play
Opened 16th February 1947 Green Room Rags – Revue Variety
Opened 26th September 1946 The Shepherds Pie Variety
Opened 6th September 1945 Merrie England Operetta
Opened 1st March 1945 Three Waltzes Musical
Opened 27th September 1944 Sadler’s Wells Ballet Season Ballet
Opened 7th August 1944 Sadler’s Wells Opera Season Opera
Opened 20th April 1944 The Love Racket Play
Opened 8th December 1943 Halfway to Heaven Variety
Opened 27th May 1943 Magic Carpet Variety
Opened 17th February 1943 Old Chelsea Musical
Opened 6th August 1942 Wild Rose Musical
Opened 8th June 1942 Gilbert & Sullivan Season Operetta
Opened 21st August 1941 Fun and Games Musical
1939-1941 Opened 26th December The Shepherds Pie Variety
Opened 17th August 1939 Sitting Pretty Musical
Opened 27th March 1939 When we are Married Play
Opened 26th December 1938 The Band Wagon Radio Play
Opened 13th April 1938 Wild Oats (Revue) Variety
Opened 27th December 1936 Cinderella Pantomime
Opened 31st July 1936 The Gusher  
Opened 11th April 1936 The Frog Play
Opened 14th May 1935 Gay Masquerade  
Opened 1st April 1935 The Alchemist Play
Opened 28th February 1935 The Rose of Persia Musical
Opened 6th September 1934 Merrie England Operetta
Opened 8th March 1934 Sweet Nell of Old Drury  
Opened 20th December 1933 On With The Show (Revue) Variety
Opened 29th August 1933 The Wandering Jew Play
Opened 27th May 1933 Diplomacy Play
1931-1932 Opened 26th December Peg o' My Heart Musical
Opened 20th October 1931 Henry the Ninth  
Opened 24th December 1929 A Warm Corner  
Opened 27th November 1929 The Flying Fool  
Opened 28th November 1928 Funny Face Musical
Opened 27th July 1928 Contraband  
Opened 23rd December 1927 Bits & Pieces (Revue) Variety
Opened 28th September 1927 Compromising Daphne  
Opened 27th June 1927 Concert - Conducted by Igor Stravinsky Classical Musical
Opened 13th June 1927 Serge Diaghaleff's Ballet Ballet
Opened 5th May 1927 The Medea of Euripides Play
Opened 4th March 1927 Angela  
Opened 23rd February 1927 The Greater Love  
Opened 24th December 1926 Macbeth Play
Opened 29th November 1926 The Yeomen of the Guard Operetta
Opened 22nd November 1926 Princess Operetta
Opened 15th November 1926 Ruddigore Operetta
Opened 8th November 1926 Cox & Box/H.M.S. Pinafore Operetta
Opened 20th September 1926 The Mikado Operetta
Opened 28th July 1926 Down Hill Musical
Opened 20th May 1926 Secret Service Play
Opened 21st December 1925 When Knights Were Bold  
Opened 18th September 1925 White Cargo  
Opened 14th June 1925 Mango Island  
Opened 23rd April 1925 Frasquita Musical
Opened 8th March 1925 Tunnel Trench  
Opened 24th December 1924 Alf's Button Play/Farce
Opened 11th October 1924 The Blue Peter  
Opened 12th May 1924 The Yeoman of the Guard Operetta
Opened 5th May 1924 The Sorcerer Operetta
Opened 28th April 1924 H.M.S. Pinafore/Cox and Box Operetta
Opened 14th April 1924 The Mikado Operetta
Opened 31st March 1924 Patience Operetta
Opened 24th March 1924 Trial by Jury Operetta
Opened 10th March 1924 The Gondoliers Operetta
Opened 3rd March 1924 Princess Ida Operetta
Opened 18th February 1924 Ruddigore Operetta
Opened 9th January 1924 Iolanthe Operetta
Opened 11th December 1923 5th Annual Sunshine matinee Variety
Opened 9th October 1923 The Return of Sherlock Holmes Play
Opened 24th February 1923 The Cousins Musical
Opened 3rd July 1922 Le Grand Duc Play
Opened 26th June 1922 Jacqueline Play
Opened 19th June 1922 L'Illusioniste/Le Misanthorpe in repertoire Play
Opened 12th June 1922 Pasteur Play
Opened 8th May 1922 Harry Lauder Variety
Opened 22nd January 1922 H.M.S. Pinafore/Princess Ida in repertoire Operetta
Opened 19th December 1921 The Mikado Operetta
Opened 5th December 1921 The Yeomen of the Guard Operetta
Opened 28th November 1921 Cox & Box/ The Sorcerer Operetta
Opened 14th November 1921 Patience Operetta
Opened 24th October 1921 Ruddigore Operetta
Opened 17th October 1921 Trial by Jury Operetta
Opened 3rd October 1921 The Gondoliers Operetta
Opened 6th September 1921 The Knave of Diamonds  
Opened 29th May 1921 Serge Diaghaleff's Ballet Ballet
Opened 9th May 1921 Arsene Lupin Play
Opened 26th April 1921 Le Coeur Dispose Play
Opened 4Th April 1921 Daniel Play
Opened February 1921 The Blue Lagoon  
Opened 20th December 1920 Charley's Aunt Play
Opened 23rd November 1920 Columbine Play
Opened 16th September 1920 The Man who came back  
Opened 3rd August 1920 Gilbert & Sullivan Season Operetta
Opened 6th July 1920 The Walpurgis Night the Fairy Doll/Divertissements Ballet
Opened 17th February 1920 Pretty Peggy Musical
Opened 13th January 1920 The Sorcerer Operetta
Opened 6th January 1920 Trial by Jury Operetta
Opened 30th December 1919 Princess Ida Operetta
Opened 1st December 1919 The Yeoman of the Guard Operetta
Opened 24th November 1919 Patience Operetta
Opened 3rd November 1919 The Mikado Operetta
Opened 20th October 1919 Iolanthe Operetta
Opened 29th September 1919 The Gondoliers Operetta
Opened 19th April 1919 Monsieur Beaucaire Opera
Opened 14th February 1919 The Officers Mess Musical
Opened 29th November 1918 Jolly Jack Tar  
Opened 27th February 1918 The Girl and the Puppet Musical
Opened 17th December 1917 Carminetta Operetta
Opened 2nd May 1917 Good News Play/Farce
Opened 17th February 1917 The Catch of the Season Musical
Opened 2nd December 1916 Bluebell Musical
Opened 6th September 1916 Broadway Jones Musical
Opened 2nd November 1915 Lila Fields Matinee Dance
Opened 9th September 1915 When London Sleeps  
Opened 26th July 1915 For England Home and Beauty  
Opened 26th December 1914 On His Majesty's Service  
Opened 15th November 1914 The Merchant of Venice Play
Opened 17th October 1914 Cheer Boys! Cheer!  
Opened 1st August 1914 Queen at Seventeen Play
Opened 20th December 1913 The Story of the Rosary Play
Opened 12th May 1913 Brewster’s Millions Play
Opened 22nd March 1913 Romeo and Juliet Play
Opened 5th February 1913 The Indian Mutiny Play
Opened 26th December 1912 Cinderella Pantomime
Opened 9th October 1912 The Adventure of the Count de Monte Christo Musical
Opened 3rd July 1912 Ben-My-Chree  
Opened 10th June 1912 The Monk and the Woman Play
Opened 17th April 1912 The Apple of Eden Play
Opened 7th February 1912 Woman and Wine  
Opened 26th December 1911 The Three Musketeers Musical