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Technical details

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  • Technical Details - Stage

 The Shaftesbury Theatre is a 1,400 seat theatre in the West End which presents large scale productions year round but can also be hired for “one off” events. Below is an outline of technical capabilities that our building offers. For further information please contact



Stage Floor

Flat Proscenium stage
Painted finish on MDF
For all hires the floor is covered with black ballet lino
Eight removable modular sections centre stage 1.5m x 1.3m
Acting area is 6mm hardboard on 25mm or 1″ plywood

Proscenium Opening


Height of Proscenium


Height to underside of iron


Depth of stage - Full stage
Special events hire


Flying Height


Grid Construction

Steel frame

Location of dock door

Position – USL
Height above stage – 3.01m

Size of dock door

Width – 2.37m
Height – 3.65m

Wing Space

Stage left – Width – 5.79m
Depth – 4.5m
Stage right – Width – 5.48
Depth – 3.1m

Height under fly floors

SL – 7.4m
SR – 7.44m

Length of flying bars


Orchestra Pit

Not available for special event hires

Additional items

1 lectern
Treads from stage to auditorium floor – subject to current production’s use of the orchestra pit
Genie AMP 25S, ladders
3 Sets of legs Various sizes
3 borders Various sizes
1 Full Black

Electrics and sound

Number of dimmers



All lighting equipment is supplied by the main production producer. Use of equipment is subject to a charge and supervision – rigged moving lights are not available.

Follow spot position

Rear of Grand Circle – Use of equipment is subject to a charge and supervision

Sound position

Rear of Stalls – Use of equipment is subject to a charge and supervision – radio mics are not available. An alternative position for a separate stand-alone desk is either in front of the current production desk or box B.

Additional power

Upstage left: 2 x 16A single phase s/o, 2 x 63A three phase s/o, 4 x 32A three phase s/o, 1 x 125A three phase s/o

Communication system

Comms systems are supplied by the main production producer. Use of equipment is subject to charge and supervision. There are tie lines from stage to LX box and spot positions.


Dressing rooms

Main production – 15 (40 people)
Special events – 2 (16 People)

Band roon

8 people

Wardrobe room - not available for hires

Size – 350 sq ft
Plumbing/wiring for washing machines and driers

Wig room - not available for hires

Size – 250 sq ft
Plumbing/wiring for wig oven and hairdressers sink

Company offices - not available for hires

Telecom and data points available


London Borough of Camden

Front of House

Stalls Bar (440 sq ft)
Foyer Bar (400 sq ft)
Circle Bar (330 sq ft)
Royal Bar (250 sq ft)
Grand Bar (100 sq ft)

Access Facilities

Please see our Access page


The Theatre is air cooled

Producer Pack

This content is password protected. Please contact Shaftesbury Theatre if you require access.

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