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Update on Building Works

We’d like to thank all of our neighbours around the Shaftesbury Theatre for your patience and understanding while we work on the Princes Circus site. As you will be able to see, the building site in this area is now fully set up, with hoarding around the edges of the site covered in bright pink & JULIET cladding.

On  Thursday the 12th November, there will be a delivery of large piling machinery to the site. This delivery will take place at 7pm. The reason for the out of hours delivery is that it is classified as an abnormal load.

The piling will commence the next day on the 13th November. This will be pressure driven rather than hammered piling, and is intended to finish by mid December. When the piling has finished, archaeological excavations will take place on the site. The full excavation is planned to start in the New Year.

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