The Shaftesbury Theatre recruits from all backgrounds, creating an environment which reflects the diversity of the city we work in and the communities and audiences that we engage with.

Like many West End theatres, our building presents challenges when it comes to providing full accessibility. However, we are actively working to improve the Theatre’s facilities and will work to make reasonable adjustments for any individual where they are required.


Vacancies will be posted here.


Work Experience


To be eligible for work experience at the Shaftesbury Theatre, you must –

  • Be a student from a school or college in the London Borough of Camden
  • Be aged 15-18 years old
  • Demonstrate an interest in the management and operation of a theatre

For show-related placements, such as in Wardrobe, Wigs or Make-Up, Stage Management, Design or Direction, please contact the producers or general managers of the show directly.

To apply for work experience, please fill in the Work Experience Application Form and return it to



At the Shaftesbury Theatre, we offer apprenticeships as a way of engaging with the next generation and providing routes into the world of theatre. Working with skilled professionals and putting lessons into practice allows our apprentices to reach their full potential.


“My apprenticeship at the Shaftesbury Theatre has been one of my greatest accomplishments. It has given me skills in so many areas that I wouldn’t have thought about before. I have worked with great people across all departments such as stage, electrics, automation and many more. To top it off, I successfully completed the apprenticeship and managed to secure a full-time job in the industry. I would recommend all apprenticeships but especially ones in the theatre – it’s great fun!”


– Reiss Barthram, Stage Technician


Apprenticeship opportunities at the Shaftesbury Theatre will be posted here.