& Juliet, Motown and Hairspray : Shaftesbury Theatre’s Most Famous Hits

Shaftesbury Theatre has been welcoming exciting and innovative productions to its stage for over a century, transporting audiences to distant lands, introducing them to captivating characters, and leaving an indelible mark on our hearts.  


On the Shaftesbury’s stage, the magic of theatre comes to life and we’ve had the privilege of presenting unforgettable shows that have left audiences in awe. Not only have our productions captured the essence of their time but they have also etched themselves into theatre history.

1. Rent : A Vibrant Exploration of Life and Art

The ground-breaking production of Rent its vibrant exploration of life, love, and the pursuit of artistic dreams. With a diverse cast and a powerful rock score, the show touched the hearts of audiences, and reminded us to cherish every moment and embrace the beauty of human connection.

Not only did Rent offer a raw and heartfelt exploration of marginalised life in New York City’s East Village, it also advocated for freedom and equality through its ticket sales too. Carrying on a tradition from the Broadway show, a handful of affordable front row tickets were sold for every performance to ensure live theatre was accessible to all.

2. Hairspray : A Burst of Joy

For those seeking a burst of infectious energy and unadulterated joy, Hairspray was an absolute delight. Hosting a wide range of stars, Hairspray featured the dazzling talent of West End legend Michael Ball as Edna Turnblad, alongside the heartfelt performance of Leanne Jones as Tracy Turnblad. With its catchy tunes, heartwarming message, and exuberant dance numbers, this show lit up our Theatre and brought smiles to countless faces. The vivacious spirit of Tracy Turnblad and her dream of equality and acceptance resonated deeply with audiences, making Hairspray a true standout.

The stage show was based on the iconic 1988 film of the same name by John Waters, a cult classic which cleverly addresses issues of body-conformism and racism with Waters’ signature satirical absurdism.

3. Motown The Musical : A Musical Revolution

The soulful rhythms and legendary tunes of Motown have reverberated through our Theatre during the electrifying run of Motown The Musical. Celebrating the life and music Berry Gordy and the iconic Motown artists, the show took audiences on a journey through time, reminding us of the power of music to inspire change and bring people together.

4. & Juliet : A Modern Twist on a Classic Tale

The show that has captured hearts and reimagined a timeless tale the innovative and empowering & Juliet invited audiences to witness an alternate ending to Shakespeare’s most famous story. In recognising the significance of female empowerment gender identity, Max Martin and his creative team, intertwined the traditional story with current thinking punctuated with sensational pop hits from his astonishing catalogue to form a show that captivated audiences.

With a pop-infused soundtrack and a strong-willed Juliet charting her own destiny, & Juliet took the stage by storm, celebrating love, independence, and the joy of self-discovery. Now enjoying worldwide critical acclaim after its debut at the Shaftesbury, & Juliet is currently  booking on Broadway and is preparing to tour the UK and Ireland, Europe and the USA in 2024.

5. Mrs. Doubtfire : Laughter and Love

Last but absolutely not least, we’re thrilled to have Mrs. Doubtfire on our stage. This heartwarming and hilarious tale of family, transformation, and the lengths we go for the ones we love has brought laughter and a lot of love to our Theatre.

The talented Gabriel Vick lights up the stage as he doubles the roles of  Daniel Hillard and  Euphegenia Doubtfire. After opening to packed houses and receiving rave reviews, Mrs. Doubtfire looks like she’s here to stay, dearies!

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